VCHS Student Experiments in Space
Posted 05/23/2019 11:27AM

Congratulations to our VCHS International Space Station (ISS) students. Their experiments were aboard CYGNUS NG-11 which launched out of Wallops Island, Virginia on April 17, 2019. In partnership with Quest for Space, the customized science experiments from Valley Christian High School and other Quest for Space partner schools arrived safely on the International Space Station on April 20, and the payload was successfully installed by US Astronaut Anne McClain.

Although a brief power problem occurred on the ISS, it did not affect the collection of data from our experiments, which concluded on May 16. The Quest for Space Unit was in orbit and powered on for 29 days. The unit has now been powered down and will be prepared to be part of the down mass of SpaceX CRS-17 in early June. ISS Program Mentor, Howell Ivy, stated, “All in all, it was a successful mission. All MicroLabs continued to communicate and report operational status throughout the entire flight. There were no adverse conditions that prevented any one of the MicroLabs affecting any other MicroLab, and the System Status and downloaded telemetry were within operational bounds.”

Students will be able to observe the effects of microgravity on their experiments and compare the results to how they responded on Earth.

Valley Christian student experiments include:            

  1. The Efficacy of Lotusan Paint to repel moisture and dirt in Microgravity Experiment
  2. Efficacy of BioSafe Antimicrobial in Prevention of E. Coli Growth in Microgravity Experiment
  3. The Effects of Microgravity on the Electrochemical Characteristics of a Microbial Fuel Cell Experiment
  4. The Effects of Ethanol Production of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Experiment
  5. The Robotic Control System in Microgravity Experiment
  6. Testing the Ability of a Superhydrophobic Layer to Inhibit Corrosion of Iron in Microgravity Experiment

Watch the launch here.

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