Our Path to 1:1

VCHS Process for Selecting a 1:1 Program 

The VCHS 1:1 iPad program is a research-based initiative, directed primarily by a long-term, strategic view of the needs of our students. This initiative continues VCHS’ legacy of academic excellence by equipping students for a digital future. By implementing a 1:1 iPad program, VCHS complements skilled, Godly teachers with proven technologies.

Over the past few years, VCHS administration and VCS Informational Technology staff have researched and tested various models of technology implementation, from dual boot Mac labs, to mobile laptop carts shared among teachers, to online classes. We have done an exhaustive study of the technologies that benefit students, as well as the environment needed to ensure a successful implementation. Our team concluded that any learning environment that excludes our students’ direct access to technology lacks real-world application. This conclusion is based on research and personal experience, which demonstrate that technology intertwines with all aspects of our life. The first iteration was providing “technology within reach” of every student. While that concept proved to be successful for the time being, the saturation of technology into our curriculum requires even greater student access. Eventually laptop carts were continually checked out and some teachers were unable to use them as needed. Also, battery life was insufficient to last an entire school day.

In addition, the saturation of iPads into the educational market, along with the extensive software development of the iOS platform, provides application support that is matched only by a teacher’s imagination. For this and many other reasons, we conclude that the best educational model for of our students, families, teachers, and school is a 1:1 (one device per student) educational model[1]. It enables the integration of relevant technology without sacrificing the teacher-student relationships that are at the core of VCHS’s mission[3], philosophy[4], and values[5].

Implementing a 1:1 iPad program creates a learning environment at VCHS where all students have continuous access to a computing device, leading to increased academic achievement[2].

VCHS is committed to continued research and review by school leaders, professional development for teachers, and support for families as we pursue this next critical step in our Quest for Excellence.


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